Max Growth: Maximize Your Natural LashesThe Max Growth Daily Eyelash Program is a nutrient-rich serum, fortified with keratin, that bonds to your lashes to protect and nourish them for maximum growth and conditioning. It is not a mascara. It seals and protects every lash from breakage and splitting, allowing the to grow full and thick.Each Max Growth Daily Eyelash Program kit comes with five 8-milliliter bottles of non-toxic conditioning formula. Each bottle will last one week with daily use. You will see marked improvement after just one bottle. Use the first three bottles to achieve desired results, and the last two to maintain your strong healthy eyelashes. We recommend a new kit every 3 or 4 months to preserve your perfect radiant lashes. Instructions for ApplicationApply morning and night to freshly cleaned lashes. Place the unique mini-brush wand at the very base of your lashes, as close to the skin as possible. Gently move wand back and forth to ensure lashes are in between the bristles, then slowly brush from the base of the lash downwards.Max Growth may be worn alone or under your regular mascara. Apply first and allow to dry before applying your mascara.Max Growth Eyelash Builder will make your lashes stronger, healthier, and glossier, from root to tip.Question And Answer1. Once I have achieved my desired lashes, should I keep using the product? We recommend you continue to use the product 2-3 times a week to maintain and nourish your lashes.2. Does Max Growth help reverse the damage done to eyelashes by mascara and curling? Yes, Max Growth works on your eyelashes much the way a leave-in conditioner works to treat style-damaged hair. Also, it can work as a protective seal prior to curling and the application of mascara.3. How is Max Growth different form mascara? Max Growth does not color your eyelashes. It is a clear nutrient-rich gel that strengthens and thickens lashes from the inside out, making them appear fuller and longer naturally. With proper use of Max Growth, you may decide you no longer even need to wear mascara.4. What is the main active nutrient in Max Growth? Max Growth contains Keratin, the chief structural protein in skin, hair and nails. It strengthens and protects.5. Can I use Max Growth on my eyebrows, too? Yes, you can apply Max Growth to sparse eyebrows to make them fuller and easier to shape. To apply, brush as closely to the skin as possible, and brush against the grain in order to coat every hair down to the roots. You will see a difference in just a few days.6. How long does it take to see results? Results vary from person to person, but you should definitely see a dramatic change in 3 weeks or less.7. Could Max Growth irritate my eyes? Max Growth is a non-toxic treatment. We have found that even those who are irritated by mascaras can wear the Max Growth serum. Those who cannot wear mascara due to sensitivity may be able to condition and strengthen their lashes with Max Growth to achieve similar and more natural-looking effects.
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